5.4 understand the reasons for pest control and the advantages and disadvantages of using pesticides and biological control with crop plants

Chemical pesticides

Pros Cons
Pesticides are effective in controlling pests Expensive
Fungicides (Kill fungi)

Herbicides (Kill weeds)

Insecticides (Kill insects)

Causes environmental damage (affects biodiversity)
 Fast, accurate and instant Pests may become resistant to them
May kill useful plants and animals

Biological pest control


Pros Cons
Parasitic wasps can control whitefly in glasshouse tomato crops Biological control reduces the population of the pest but does not eradicate it
Mycomatosis virus deliberately introduced to control the rabbit population in Australia The Hawaiian Cane Toad was introduced in Aus to control the population of the cane beetle – the cane toads reproduced rapidly in the NE of Aus, also causing reductions of the population of native toads.

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