5.1 Describe how glasshouses and polythene tunnels can be used to increase the yield of certain crops

Photosynthesis equation: Water + Carbon Dioxide –> Glucose + Oxygen

  • Yield – the amount of crop you get in a certain area
  • Optimum yield – 100% yield in the ‘perfect’ conditions.
  • Transpiration rate – The rate at which water from the plant leaves evaporates

Protection of crops

  • Enclose the environment – hence polythene tunnels
  • Polythene tunnels give protection against wind (wind lowers the temperature, increasing transpiration rate)
  • Protection against frost (Frost reduces the kinetic energy required for photosynthesis)
  • High humidity also encourages the spread of disease and fungi – glasshouses ensure this doesn’t happen by the monitoring of humidity.

Cultivation of the Optimum temperature

  • Light radiation warms soil and plants (Kinetic energy required for photosynthesis and enzyme reaction). So, artificial light within glasshouses and polythene tunnels can extend day length. It also provides heat for the optimum temperature
  • Water is needed for photosynthesis – irrigation systems can prove very effective.



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