3.8 describe the structure and explain the function of the male and female reproductive systems

Male Reproductive System – 

  • Prostate: add fluid to the sperm – this compound is semen.
  • Sex glands add nutrients to the sperm – this is semen.
  • Sperm duct:  travels sperm down this tube to be mixed with nutrients from the glands
  • Urethra allows urine and sperm down this exit of the body. A ring of muscle separate the two fluids
  • Testis produce sperm by meiosis and produces testosterone
  • Penis injects sperm into the vagina


Female Reproductive System – 

  • Oviduct/Fallopian tube: Egg travels down this tube once matured, where the egg is fertilized
  • Vagina: Muscular tube between the cervix outside of the body. This is where the penis will enter
  • Cervix: Muscular ring at the bottom of the uterus that keeps the baby in it until it is ready to be born.
  • Ovary: The eggs (female gamete) are released from going under meiosis
  • Urethra: Tube that carries urine out of the body
  • Uterus (womb): Where the fetus grows surrounded by amniotic fluid



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