3.11 understand how the developing embryo is protected by amniotic fluid

  • Once an ovum is fertilized, it develops into an embryo, which will implant into a uterus. At this point, an amnion membrane forms. The amnion membrane is full of amniotic fluid which surrounds the embryo, protecting it from knocks and bumps
  • The fluid at the start is composed of 98% water, 2% salt from foetus. Generally as the pregnancy continues, the composition will be changed to include urine and antibodies

Other functions of amniotic fluid:  (Amniotic fluid doesn’t just protect, it develops the foetus)

  • Breathe (to develop lungs)
  • Move (to develop muscles and bones)
  • Swallow (to develop a digestive system)
  • to keep warm
  • separate fingers and toes
This is a paper 2, triple science fact.

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