1.4 describe and explain experiments to investigate the small size of particles and their movement including:

i dilution of coloured solutions

Substances required: Water and Potassium Manganate (VI)

  1. When Potassium Manganate (VI) crystals are dissolved in water, a vivid purple solution is formed
  2. Dilute the solution several times – you will notice that the colour loses it’s intensity
  3. This indicated that there are a large number of particles of potassium manganate (VI) in a very small amount of solid. This indicates the particle size of potassium manganate (VI) – very small!

ii diffusion experiments

Particles of fluids will fill the space given to them

Diffusion of bromine (through flasks)

  1. Set up apparatus of 2 connected bromine flasks, with only one containing the bromine gs
  2. After 5 mins, the bromine from the flask on the right would have diffused into the flask on the left
  3. This happens because both air and bromine particles are moving randomly and there are large gaps between the particles – so the particles are forced to mix.



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