1.18 understand the term mole as the Avogadro number of particles (atoms, molecules, formulae, ions or electrons) in a substance

Avogadro’s number = 6.02 x 10 ^23 

e.g. 1mol of sodium = 6 x 10 ^23 atoms sodium

1mol of hydrogen = 6 x10^23 molecules of hydrogen

1 mol of sodium chloride = 6 x 10^23 6 x 10^23 formulae of NaCl (NaCl is an ionic compound – doesn’t contain any molecules – therefore you must refer to it as formulae, not atoms or molecules) 

Worked Example:

Q: Calculate the mass of one hydrogen mole –

Simply express the relative atomic mass (Ar) in grams – Ar =  1, so the mass of one mol of atoms = 1g 


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