3.13 understand the detrimental effects of excessive exposure of the human body to electromagnetic waves, including:

microwaves: internal heating of body tissue

  • Microwaves have a simialr frequency to the vibrations of the bodily molecules – therfore microwaves can internally heat the human body tissue
  • Protection: by using shields in microwave ovens, this prevents the microwaves from escaping

infrared: skin burns

  • Infrared wave frequencies hame surface molecules of skin vibrate, causing an increase of inetic energy (heating)
  • Protection: Using sunblock and other insulation from infrared waves

ultraviolet: damage to surface cells and blindness

  • The ‘ionising’ of the UV radiation can carry enough radiated energy to knock electrons of atoms 0 this can lead to cancer and blindness
  • Protection: wearing sunscreen with UV protection

gamma rays: cancer, mutation

  • Gamma rays have high frequencies an ionise molecules
  • They carry far more energy than UV  rays-more deadly penetration, causing cell mutation and cancer
  • Protection: as little exposure to gamma rays as possible

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