2.37 describe experiments to investigate the evolution of carbon dioxide and heat from respiring seeds or other suitable living organisms.

  1. Measure the heat energy from germinating seeds via data logger
  2. Set up the desired environments (in my case, 2 thermos flasks)
  3. The first flask containing germinating pea seeds in disinfectant
  4. The second flask containing boiled pea seeds in disinfectant (you must wash your organism in disinfectant to so that the bacteria that respires does not contribute to CO2 levels)
  5. Measure the heat of the flask from begining to end of the week
  6. CO2 levels in increase in the germinating flask as it’s respiring.
  7. The boild peas flask will have no change in CO2 levels because it’s not respiring (due to it being dead {high heat})

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