2.16 describe experiments to investigate diffusion and osmosis using living and non-living systems.

Diffusion –

  1. Put a coloured substance (like food colouring) into a clear one (like water)
  2. Time how long it takes for the entire substance to become the same colour
  3. Your independent variables could be temperature, size of beaker..
  4. Generally, the higher the heat, the more kinetic energy – therefore the colour will move through the liquid quicker

Osmosis –

  1. Cut 2 equal sized pieces of potato and weigh the starting weight
  2. Place one in distilled water and one in salt water
  3. After a given time weigh them
  4. The potato in salt water would have lost mass – this is because the water in the potato has moves to equalize the more highly concentrated salt water
  5. The potato in distilled water would gain mass – water move into the potato to equalize the level water inside and out


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