2.26 recall some uses of electrostatic charges

  • Inkjet printers – Charging ink in inkjet printers allows the drops to be directed into particular spots in to the paper by deflecting them between charged plates.\
  • Photocopiers – First, the statically charged drum is exposed to light and reflected to be copied. Then it is discharged to everywhere the dark print does not reflect the light, charged areas of the drum attract the toner to be transferred to printing paper. Heat bonds the toner particles to the printed paper.
  • Paint spraying – Tiny droplets of paint are given static charge, then the object of paint is given an opposite charge. This causes the paint droplets to be attracted to the object being painted, and there is no paint wastage.
  • Electrostatic dust precipitators – smoke particles carry a negative charge. Smoke particles are attracted to the positively charged collecting plates, and the two plates clash together to remove the dust and smoke particles.

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