Your Weekly Motivation To Study


I know studying can be boring.

But if you want those A*s, you gotta spend the mountain of hours buried behind books.

But who said that it couldn’t be a little bit enjoyable?

Hopefully this motivates you to buy a new moleskine notebook and a whole set of pens for revision purposes, and then, you’ll be on the path to better grades!

This blog post will be updated as often as possible, or whenever I find a new revision website I think is really helpful.

Happy studying!


^ These notes make you want to study.

Links to helpful revision websites: ← Follow me @ Padfootxx ← American Syllabus


Links to helpful information websites

Science Blogs  <– Quick and easy, has the whole spec <– More detailed, however incomplete spec <– Incredibly detailed explanations, however incomplete spec


Good youtubers for studying when you don’t feel like it:



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