Hiya! I’m an IGCSE 2017 candidate doing the following subjects:

  • Geography A (Edexcel)
  • History (Edexcel)
  • Maths (Edexcel)
  • English Literature (Edexcel)
  • English Language (Edexcel)
  • Drama (Edexcel)
  • Physics (Edexcel)
  • Biology (Edexcel)
  • Chemistry (Edexcel)
  • Mandarin (Edexcel)

You’re welcome to browse through my notes of the subjects in bold, and I will stick firmly to the specification. Feel free to take a look at my quizlet card decks! Please note that I will be sitting IGCSEs not GCSES, and I am a Higher Tier Single Science applicant.

Be sure to check out my other writing blog : www.thosesaturninedays.wordpress.com for inspiration and more study tips!

Weekly Motivation to Study Post here. This post will be updated and it contains plenty of links for revision resources, studyblrs and other organisational things.

Remember to study smart, not hard!